The following photographs were taken whilst I was on a walking holiday in February 2006.

Masca and the Teno
A view of Teide, Tenerife's 12,000+ foot (3718 metres) volcano, from the mountains of the Teno
From a col we look to higher Teno peaks
and from a ridge we look down on the village of Masca
and round to the west to the sea and the island of La Gomera
and further along the ridge
The ridge itself along which we walked
yet more of the Teno peaks seen across the Masca ravine
A view towards the coast
Masca ravine looking towards the coast. A path leads to Baja del Bizcocho from which one can only continue by boat
Masca from the previous viewpoint
The Anaga Hills
Las Mercedes is the town seen from this viewpoint on the way to the Anaga
Gorge and the view across
and towards the sea
A hamlet where we stopped for a snack
More peaks
The priapic rock of ?
and again
Pico del Teide
Teide my first view up close
and another as we walked the 7,000 feet high plateau
A cliff face which looks to me like an old caldera rim
Teide again, from where we stopped for lunch
A sea of cloud appeared to be covering the island below us

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