The Calf to Hazelgill Knott (Howgills) - Panorama

The Calf to Hazelgill Knott (Howgills)

On the left in the middle distance is Grains, a spur of The Calf heading down towards Langdale. Beyond Grains on the left is Bleagill Head descending to Wethercalf Moss, with Hand Lake behind it, then rising to Simon's Seat with Cobles below and in front of it. At the very end of the valley, beyond Simon's Seat, Langdale Knott is just visible before the fell rises to West Fell with Hazelgill Knott in front of it. On the eastern side of Bowderdale lie Hooksey, Randygill Top, Green Bell in the background and Yarlside. Kensgriff is completely hidden behind Yarlside. This picture is also available as a larger, 1855 x 400 pixel, 151 kbyte jpeg.


Langdale and The Calf (Howgills) - walk details

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