Scafell from Scafell Pike

Scafell from Scafell Pike
Samsung Zoom Automatic - 35-70mm lens

The three classic walkers' routes from Scafell Pike to Scafell are illustrated here. The gully up to Foxes Tarn appears on the left (detail photo) with the paved path from the tarn going diagonally up to the right and the summit. On the right of the picture - and to the right of Mickledore, the summit ridge - Lord's Rake is similarly clear (detail photo), and the West Wall Traverse goes off to the left from a point near the top of the Rake above the grassy sunlit patch. Due to rockfalls in Lord's Rake, making it unsafe, the only route currently to be recommended is Foxes Tarn. At the end of Mickledore (detail photo) lies Broad Stand, and apparently easy route which is not, is dangerous, and for climbers only. Larger version of this picture.


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