Nethermost Pike - The View South

Nethermost Pike - The View South
Samsung Zoom Automatic - 35-70mm lens

Across Ruthwaite Cove lies the east ridge of Dollywagon Pike, here in profile. The grassy hollow and gully mentioned in the description of the ascent of this ridge are clear to see rising diagonally from the bottom left-hand corner of the picture. Beyond the valley of Grisedale is Deepdale Hause, the connecting ridge between St. Sunday Crag, off to the left, and Fairfield on its right. Great Rigg is just visible between Fairfield and Dollywagon Pike. In the distance, from the left, are Ill Bell and Yoke, and glimpses of Red Screes, Dove Crag and Hart Crag. Larger version of this picture.


Catstye Cam to Dollywagon Pike - walk details
Dollywagon Pike to St. Sunday Crag - walk details

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