to Genoa, Naples, Palermo, Tunis, Palma, Barcelona and Marseilles

The following photographs were taken whilst I was on a cruise on the MSC Sinfonia in June 2005.

View of the Town over the customs house
Port of Genoa
Vesuvius, near Naples
I was disappointed not to be allowed to the true summit. The souvenir shop, halfway round the crater rim was as far as the public was allowed
Crater of Vesuvius when first reaching the crater rim
Crater of Vesuvius from near the souvenir shop
Palermo and Monreale
Monreale Cathedral in the small town near Palermo
Town Square at Monreale
Palermo Harbour on our departure
Tunis and Carthage
Housing Development in Tunis
Carthage baths of Antonius Pious (2nd century)
more at the baths of Antonius Pious
more at the baths of Antonius Pious
Column at the baths of Antonius Pious
Luxuriant Vegetation near the baths of Antonius Pious
Tunis from the Bardo National Museum
As a fan of Gaudi I found little enough time to visit his works, the housing development Park Guell and his great, as yet unfinished, cathedral the La Sagrada Familia. The sky was overcast.
Park Guell Colonnade
Park Guell Gaudi's house
Park Guell Hansel and Gretel inspired House
La Sagrada Familia front elevation
La Sagrada Familia front elevation looking skyward
La Sagrada Familia unfinished interior

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