to Bari, Corfu, Santorini, Athens, Olympia and Dubrovnik

The following photographs were taken whilst I was on a cruise on the MSC Armonia in September 2004.

Bari A pleasant promenade and bay in Bari
Corfu The harbour
The MSC Armonia in the harbour with the MSC Melody alongside
and also on the island of Corfu:
Paleokastritsa 1 One of the many bays here featuring the rock, Kolivri, which is said to be the ship of Odysseus, turned to stone.
Paleokastritsa 2 And another bay viewed from the famous monastery
Thira the main town of Santorini is on the clifftop. It can be reached from the landing stage by cable car, by donkey up the zig-zag path, or on foot
Oia village on the clifftop
Thira from the zig-zag path
Islands in Santorini's Caldera
Thira from near it's highest point
Boats at the landing stage of Nea Kameni
The path from the sea to the volcano's summit
The crater on Nea Kameni, an island in the centre of the Santorini Caldera. Sulphurous gasses belch from the fumaroles
The crater again. Sulphur deposits around some of those fumaroles
The Acropolis seen from a cafe which clearly charged for the view.
The Parthenon
The Agora seen from the Acropolis
Temple of Olympian Zeus seen from the Acropolis
Across Athens towards Mount Lycabettos from the Acropolis
The sun was setting as we left Piraeus
Gymnasium where the Olympic competitors trained
Track where the Olympic competitors raced
A temple
Church at Olympia
Approach of the city from the sea

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